Kingdom of Sorrow Kingdom of Sorrow

Brought to you by the mighty Kirk Windstein (Crowbar/Down, here handling vocals and guitars) and Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, who also mans the mic in this band), Kingdom of Sorrow’s debut is one big, mean, heavy mother. The band also feature guitarist Steve Gibbs (Crowbar), drummer Derek Kerswill (Seemless) and bassist Matthew Brunson, and the five of them have a chemistry that makes it seem like they’ve been playing together for years. Although the guys said they tossed out ideas that sounded too much like their day jobs, opening cut "Hear This Prayer” is pure Crowbar, and it’s a glorious thing. Then it’s into "Grieve,” which has Crowbar-isms but a more melodic, atmospheric edge. Track three, "Piece It All Back,” is where Jasta’s hardcore edge shows, with a bouncy double-time verse, before the doom-laden chorus kicks in. I’m not sure why these guys aren’t just embracing this for what it is: the best parts of Crowbar and Hatebreed combined in one energetic and satisfying mixture. (Relapse)