King Krule '6 Feet Beneath the Moon' (album stream)

King Krule '6 Feet Beneath the Moon' (album stream)
For those itching for King Krule to deliver his debut album, the wait has felt more than a little long. But after the bedroom pop wunderkind released a pair of EPs back in 2011, the London songwriter born Archy Marshall is finally giving us his proper full-length introduction, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, which you can stream now before its in-store release later this month.

Down below you can listen to the entire 14-track album or check it out on King Krule's website, where it's streaming via some CCTV-like footage (or KKTV if you will).

The PR adequately describes the album as "a loose knit meditation on regret and discontent, loss of faith and renewal of hope, and optimism in the face of desperation." On record, this translates into a wide variety of song types, such as the stellar folked-out heart bearer "Easy Easy," the trip-hop-geared "Neptune Estate" and the Ben Watt-styled neo-aco number "Baby Blue."

Panther Sounds/XL deliver the album on August 24, when conveniently enough Marshall will also celebrate his 19th birthday.

Listen to all of 6 Feet Beneath the Moon below, and if you're in Toronto, King Krule plays the city's Wrongbar on September 11.