King Creosote Kenny and Beth's Musakal Boat Rides

Last year, Beta Band outcast and member of the Fence Collective (also featuring James Yorkston) Gordon Anderson finally unleashed his masterwork, Concubine Rice, under the pseudonym Lone Pigeon. Now, his brother Kenny, another member of the collective, is having a go. As King Creosote, Anderson has released an incredible 19 albums in five years on the Fence record label. Prolific to say the least, Kenny and Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides is his first for Domino USA. Crafting folk music on a shoestring budget, King Creosote seeps grace and wit while adding equal shares of country and blues into the fold. He uses both simple, traditional folk arrangements and sprawling psychedelia to stretch the imagination of his music. Surprisingly, his robust Scottish accent doesn’t prevent him from maintaining a James Taylor-lite quality to his singing voice. Using his connections wisely, he invites Yorkston for a duet on the beautifully poignant "Lavender Moon,” a track written by fellow Fence member Pip Dylan. Highly adventurous without losing too much of its composure, Kenny and Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides should hopefully give King Creosote the edge that the previous 18 albums failed to. (Domino)