King Chocolate Rock Yer Ass

The buoyant sampled horns and mid-tempo drumbeats that begin Rock Yer Ass announce a highly enjoyable album. The disc cuts and pastes across genres, making a positive impression with its bizarre and inventive range. Tempos alternate substantially from one song to the next, as a range of odd beats fortify an enormous variety of samples. Ukulele, synthesisers, the human voice, electric and acoustic guitars, horns, static drones and bass are just a few of the items incorporated into King Chocolate’s digitised mix. Rock Yer Ass also features some rather amusing song titles. "Hey Man... Your Girlfriend’s A Metal Chick” begins with a riff similar to Bryan Adam’s "Run to You” before raucous samples and thundering drumbeats significantly expand its overall sound. "Peace Out to Crockett and Tubbs” is an amusing reinterpretation of Jan Hammer’s keyboard work and "Come Into My Haus (You Can Get That Funky Beat)” imaginatively merges basement band rock, DJ scratching and an exaggerated vocal loop. From start to finish, King Chocolate’s Rock Yer Ass is a clever and amusing disc.