King Cannibal The Way of the Ninja

Like many lovers of electronic music, King Cannibal has been connected with the Ninja Tune label for more years of his life than not. Fan before musician, he was requesting DJ Vadim records for Christmas and was denied entrance to a sold-out ten-year anniversary jam. Proving himself the perfect artist to construct this mix of 254 Ninja Tune, Ntone, Big Dada and Counter tracks, his skill as a DJ, combined with his passion for, and knowledge of, the music, do powerful things together. Selecting from the bountiful harvest of Ninja Tune's last 20 years, he mixes, blends and mashes them up into 20 individually named tracks. This methodology breaks new ground, and the movement from song to song speeds like a free-flowing river of funky beats tied with clever vocal samples matching the technological multi-tasking nature of our modern society. Using vinyl, CDs, .wavs and a DAT in Ableton Live and Logic, King Cannibal's skilled selections will invariably connect with any Ninja Tune fan's diverse musical memories. He also kicks the dust off old tracks you'll be wondering why you've never heard before. (Ninja Tune)