King Buzzo 'This Machine Kills Artists' (album stream)

King Buzzo'This Machine Kills Artists' (album stream)
Melvins founder Buzz Osborne took some sludge out of his guitar tone earlier this year when he delivered his This Machine Kills Artists acoustic 10-inch, and he's about to hit the unplugged market again with a fuller LP also called This Machine Kills Artists. The prolific grunge figure will have Ipecac issue the set June 3, but you can stream the album now.

While the distortion levels aren't as chunky as if Osborne were slinging riffs with Melvins, the detuned acoustics still deliver frightening, gooey grooves on tracks like the hypnotic "Rough Democracy" or strummed and howled hymnal "Drunken Baby." Though softly sung, "How I Became Offensive" adds a little telephone fuzz to the vocals, with chiming, spindling guitar lines playing almost like a raga. "The Spoiled Brat," meanwhile, sounds something like a T. Rex tune jammed out around a campfire on half a bag of primo bud.

King Buzzo gives up an impressive 17 tracks of unplugged riffery, and you can catch it all down below via Dangerous Minds.