Kindercore Give Away Free Xmas/Hanukkah EP

Kindercore Give Away Free Xmas/Hanukkah EP
Anyone familiar with the Kindercore crew knows that these guys love Christmas. Since its birth (and rebirth), the Georgian label has released quite the delightful string of pop-coated Christmas comps, in past years enlisting the likes of Kings of Convenience, Of Montreal, the Ladybug Transistor and Headlights to spread a little holiday cheer.

And while the folks at Kindercore may not have a whole full-length of Christmas twee up for grabs this year, they aren't leaving us out in the cold. Via the label's website, Kindercore has emerged just in time with XMAS IV and... Hanukkah!, a free, downloadable EP of holiday cheer.

On the four-track offering, you'll find new Kindercore groups Grape Soda (with members of the Buddy System), the Young Sinclairs and the Sad Cobras and the Magic Twig Family taking on a few traditional, as well as newly penned, yuletide numbers.

And yes, this year's release is brief but there are a few ghosts of Christmas past also available, including last year's XMAS 3: The War on Christmas comp (on iTunes and at Kindercore's webshop on CD) and physical copies of the label's long-out-out-print Christmas Two (apparently they found a bunch of old copies in the garage).

So, needless to say, "HAPPY HOLIDAYS Internet, we love you!!" says Kindercore.

Here's the tracklisting for XMAS IV and... Hanukkah!:

1. The Sad Cobras + The Magic Twig Family - "Wrap Me Up on X-Mas"
2. Grape Soda - "Rock of Ages"
3. Grape Soda - "All Walls Fall"
4. The Young Sinclairs - "It's Christmas Time All Over Again" (Tom Petty)

The Buddy System "Horse Mountain"