Kimbra "Goldmine" (video)

Kimbra 'Goldmine' (video)
While Kimbra issued an LP called The Golden Echo last year, it wasn't clear at the time that the New Zealand pop star possessed much in the way of precious metals. Judging by the video for the album's "Goldmine," her place is packed to the gills with aurous treasure.

As you'll see down below, a home's treasure chest starts leaking a gold-like substance all the way down to the basement, where Kimbra is kickin' it in a raincoat. She becomes surrounded by the quick shifting pool of minerals, which transform from faux flowers into a bunch of bullet shapes.

Though she offers up a decisively-sung "nobody can touch this gold of mine," the lyrics probably aren't meant to be taken at face value. You can hear Kimbra fully explain the situation in the visually rich video down below.