Kim Simmonds Blues Like Midnight

Long before Simmond's Savoy Brown ruled the English blues and boogie scene that took America by storm, he was fascinated by the raw blues of Lightning Hopkins and Muddy Waters. Some 20 releases and 35 years of touring later, it shows. This organically tasteful set of original acoustic blues has a lot to say about the authenticity of Savoy Brown's blues roots. The quality of Simmonds' songwriting, his absolute command over his instrument and, to a surprising extent, the new found confidence of his vocals speaks volumes on the essence of the Savoy Brown sound. Stripped down to its bare essentials, Simmonds delivers powerful music that is, as always, honest and emotional, and, reduced to its simplest form, it shines as it underlines the power of his uniquely fluid playing style. Both "Long Ways From Heaven" and his tribute to Dave Peverett, "Blues For Lonesome," also feature Simmonds' all too rare slide workouts, to great effect, with the latter providing the disc's unquestionable highlight. Kim Simmonds proves one more time that whether the music is turned up or turned down, he still has something valid to say. (Blue Wave)