Kim Gordon/DJ Olive/Ikue Mori Kim Gordon/DJ Olive/Ikue Mori

Although Free Kitten established Kim Gordon's musical identity outside Sonic Youth, that playful punk band never rivalled the musical credibility established by the side projects of Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo. All that is changed as this co-operative trio explores some of the most provocative music Gordon has ever made. At her most playful and surreal on "Stuck On Gum" and "We Are The Princesses," Gordon explores territory associated with Nico in the atmospheric drama and circular loop refrains of "Lemonade," while she croons "I spy into your ear" in the quasi-disco "International Spy." While "Olive's Horn," "Paperbag/Orange Laptop" and "Fried Mushroom" build fierce walls of feedback, DJ Olive's and Ikue Mori's samplers, synths and turntables are transformative agents that channel all the white noise into fresh dimensions. Listen as the fury of "Paperbag/Orange Laptop" bleeds into lyrical koto samples. Gordon proclaims "Sweet!" and you will too as the rich scope of this unique sonic matrix unfolds. (SYR)