Kiltlifters Pass the Popcorn

This is what you get when you mix limited IQs, a hat-full of talent and a whole lot of Guinness: poppy, mindless fun. The West Coast's Kiltlifters are a juvenile, immature, not exactly pioneering ska-punk combo that, though they will not take you anywhere you haven't been before, remind genre aficionados why they like being there in the first place. The have a similar sound and attitude but lack the Smashers' evolution and (gasp!) maturity - how's that for adolescent? Songs are about as philosophical and socially relevant as an empty beer bottle. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you, but great ideas often transform into great music. And guess what - there ain't many great ideas on this here album. The tracks themselves are mostly about drinking, screwing and jerking off - the gamut of teenage concerns. A caveat: the secret bonus track, a live version of "Whackin' the Wookie," may destroy some cherished myths wide-eyed Star Wars fans have held lo these many years. (Independent)