Kilowatthours The Bright Side

Taking a cue from gloomy bands such as the Cure and Joy Division, Louisville, KY's Kilowatthours have created a group of songs to get depressed to. The mood of their second album, the ironically titled The Bright Side, is not very gleeful, but every so often shows a tiny sign of hope. Produced by Trevor Kampmann (hollAnd), the record is quite similar to the brilliant double volume album the Appleseed Cast released last year. The kaleidoscopic rushes of guitar and crashing drums nears the required elements to be called "emo," but the lack of any real punk influence separates them from being included. The vocals are barely audible most times but have a very gentle feel to them, forcing a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. From start to finish, The Bright Side is a wonderful, melancholic listen that can either cure those ailing from heartbreak, or soundtrack someone looking for a good cry. (Temporary Residence)