Killwhitneydead Inhaling the Breath of a Bullet

Two things disappointed me about this album. One: I was really hoping the band was called Kill Whitey Dead and that their material was all about regaling the listener with a controversial hardcore revolution based upon offing anyone with a skin tone lighter than a brown paper bag. It may not be realistic, but the concept is pretty funny. And two: taking a page from As The Sun Sets, this album, despite its 11 tracks, is kind of brief, but that's not the only page they take from ATSS. Their music is a collection of well-placed samples and sound effects that bookend furious stabs at tech-grind. Some of it is quite well done and memorable, some of it sounds like every other second-rate bunch attempting to churn out the odes to the Dillinger Escape Plan, while the rest is so obtuse that it'll pass you by quicker than sex on prom night. Of course, there are the requisite "look at how bizarre and humorous we are" song titles - "Hold me Closer Tony Danza," "Starring Robert Downey Jr. as 'The Addict'," "My Favourite Shades on you are Black and Blue" and "If it Ain't Johnny Cash, it Ain't Country" are the ones that are actually clever. (Tribunal)