Killswitch Engage Name Album, Set Release Date

Killswitch Engage Name Album, Set Release Date
The intense debate has finally been resolved for Massachusetts-based hard rockers Killswitch Engage. Struggling with what to call their fourth full-length album, they've arrived at a decision.

And before we tell you, think about it. Giving your album a moniker is like trying to name a child. They're going to live with it forever. You're going to hear it millions of times, so it better be good. Or at least tolerable.

We're assuming that's why the band went with Killswitch Engage. Yes, their forthcoming Roadrunner Records effort will be eponymous. Again. Most bands do it at some point, but since their 2000 debut album was already self-titled, KSE join a club previously only inhabited by Rancid (gee, great company there) in using the whole name-your-album-after-your-band thing twice.

The album, produced by Brendan O'Brien (AC/DC, Mastodon) and co-produced by guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, will hit stores on June 30. According to vocalist Howard Jones, Killswitch Engage finds Killswitch Engage engaging (you see why eponymous album titles can be difficult?) themselves outside of their typical musical path.

"It was time for us to step outside of our comfort zone and try something a little different with this record," he noted in the band's most recent press release. "It definitely still sounds like us, but we needed to be refreshed and take things a little further."

As for the whole self-titled-times-two ordeal, he justifies it by saying, "When we all couldn't agree on an album title, someone suggested we just keep it self-titled and we all pretty much agreed... gives it the feeling of a fresh new beginning."

Killswitch Engage will spend the majority of 2009's remainder touring for Killswitch Engage. No Canadian dates have been announced at present.