Killswitch Engage Begin Working On New Album

Killswitch Engage Begin Working On New Album
Just when the metalcore scene seemed to be dangerously low in terms of output, along comes Killswitch Engage (commonly known as KsE) to save the day. As recently stated by their label, Roadrunner Records, the New York natives are finally heading back into the studio to follow-up 2006's As Daylight Dies.

This will be the band's fifth full-length, fourth with Roadrunner, since forming circa 1999. Thanks to the band's ever-increasing popularity, it's bound to hit the same gold status achieved - well, almost - by As Daylight Dies and 2004's The End of Heartache . That one did actually reach gold in the U.S., by the way.

The as-yet untitled bastion of chug riffs and screaming is to be produced by a man quite familiar with the aforementioned: Brendan O'Brien (AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots). It marks the first time guitarist/long-time KsE producer Adam Dutkiewicz won't be at the helm. No need to *cough* "fret" though. He will still be active as co-producer, ensuring the past decade of establishing the sound and style of engaged killswitches is intact.

Deemed one of Alternative Press's most anticipated efforts of 2009, the album will be recorded throughout the winter, hitting store shelves around springtime.

Killswitch Engage "My Curse"