Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage

In response to the massive success of The End of Heartache, guitarist Adam Dutciewicz has remixed and remastered Killswitch Engage’s 2000 Ferret debut, along with considerably altering the original artwork. This look into the formative years of one of the world’s most popular metalcore groups’ newfangled presentation will no doubt appall purists — the lack of any Christian references, apart from the obvious lyrical nods, as well as the grainier, darker tone of the artwork is a clear attempt at appealing to an angstier, more mainstream market. The mix leaves a bit to be desired as well, as the polished drums and poorly placed effects throw the sound off balance when contrasted with the relatively untouched guitar tone and slightly more amateurish songwriting. Additionally, the bass, so prevalent and clear in the original recording, has been almost completely lost. This edition is not without its strong points, however. The inclusion of their 1999 demo as well as a bonus disc chock full of goodies from Ferret (including a superb new A Life Once Lost track) sweeten the deal, and no matter what clothing you dress it in, a good record is still a good record. (Ferret)