Killing Flame Another Breath

There's probably a good reason why so many new school hardcore bands have a similar sound. I think there are only about two dozen guys playing it, they just keep moving around to different bands. Take the Killing Flame, for example. The membership docket reads like the guest list for a TSOL reunion show. There's guitarists Joe D. Foster (Unity, Speak 714, No For An Answer, Ignite) and Gavin Oglesby (No For an Answer, Carry Nation, Triggerman, as well as the gorgeous artwork for the brilliant Sense Field records Killed for Less and Building), vocalist Joe Nelson (Triggerman, CIV/Quicksand roadie), bassist Ed McKirdy (Suppression Swing, Hands Tied) and drummer P.T. Pugh (Suppression Swing), get the picture? Anyway, the years of collective experience in the scene has certainly given the credentials and chops to make this debut full-length something slightly above average. That and the fact they get cred-boosting guest appearances from members of Uniform Choice and the Adolescents, among others. But like so many bands in the genre, they are confined by the limitations of the sound and are rarely able to get beyond the formula. As a genre release its very good, but not something that's going to stand out as a landmark release or defining moment. (Equal Vision)