Killing the Dream Lucky Me

Killing the DreamLucky Me
Two years after revered sophomore effort Fractures, Californian-based NYHC purveyors Killing the Dream issue tertiary onslaught Lucky Me. Looking to expand upon the traditional blunt force delivery of their beloved genre, this 20-minute foray utilizes an interesting mix of melodic influences and dynamic meandering to create somewhat of an aural rollercoaster ride. Eliciting memories of a time when acts such as Grade and Boy Sets Fire were pushing boundaries, while also pulling from aspects of Rise Against's Fat Wreck Chords years (passionate delivery and an overall epic current), yet still fresh and autonomous, Lucky Me is a wonderful, albeit brief, ride. Helping all of this along, a massive step up in actually crafting songs makes for some cultivated work and inspired delivery across the board. While not all of it works perfectly, one can forego the moments of musical blathering when it means the band are stretching both their wings and the genre's constraints. Another bold step forward, Lucky Me might not be impeccable, but it certainly suggests future highs for Killing the Dream. (Deathwish Inc.)