Killface Faceless

Great name for a band, too bad they don't quite live up to the image that moniker conjures: some serious and vicious, face-ripping metal. The Irish band's debut EP is, while of the thrash and death metal variety, a bit bland and restrained. On "Years of Gore," it's clear that while they know what they're doing, when performing thrash it's best to offer it like it was originally meant to be: tight and to the point. A seven-minute song is too much. The quintet do redeem themselves on "Miserable," which features some pretty serious groove, and vocalist Brady shows a depth beyond his age. While clearly demonstrating they're a tight unit, they need to create something more their own. There is a fear that Killface might get lost in the sea of other similar acts, but they have the ability to rise above the pack. (Independent)