Killer Mike Suffers Torn Rotator Cuff in SXSW Attack

Killer Mike Suffers Torn Rotator Cuff in SXSW Attack
This past week, Run the Jewels were attacked by an audience member who climbed up on stage during the rap duo's performance at South by Southwest in Austin, TX. The band carried on with the show, but it turns out that Killer Mike sustained an injury, since he has since revealed that he has a torn rotator cuff.

Mike revealed this information yesterday (March 20) while playing another SXSW show, this time at Stubb's BBQ. According to NME, he told the crowd he flew home to Atlanta to see a doctor, who told him he should wear a sling. Mike added, "I was like, 'Doctor, I'm not leaving the road — the tour goes on!'"

Before the duo played "Banana Clipper," El-P told the crowd, "Last time we did this song, it was interrupted. Let's not let that happen again." Mike said, "If you interrupt this song we'll beat the fuck out of you."

Previously, local promoter Matt Sonzala told BuzzFeed that Run the Jewels' attacker had not been arrested. Reports have suggested that the man claimed the rappers stole his lyrics and owed him money.

Watch footage of the attack and the ensuing violence below. (Be forewarned that it gets ugly towards the end.)