Killer Elite End Of The Whip

All the microphone punching, chest beating, beer dumping pageantry of a Killer Elite show usually makes for a pretty distinctive night out, so the task of translating this experience onto vinyl must have been a challenging one. The A-side track, "End Of the Whip," opens with a slinky bass line reminiscent of the Stooges' "Funhouse," and uses the same kind of extreme repetition that classic bands used to build tension in their music. Quiet verses, loud choruses and some screaming all fill out this homage to the Iggy and his Dum Dum Boys. "Talk About the City," on side-B, is a more upbeat rocker, and is the weaker of the two songs presented here. The sound quality is drier than snuff, and the fact the band has two lead singers is not exploited very effectively, with even the most basic of back up vocals barely cutting through. All that being considered, if you pour garbage all over yourself and get someone to punch you in the crotch while you listen to this, you just might be able to fool yourself into thinking you're at one of their shows. (Teenage USA)