Kilbourne Measure of Health

These girls aren’t out to be the next pretty-in-punk pop tarts. Full-on aggression and left-leaning politics fuel the forces behind this Calgary band’s debut. Anti-scenester, anti-rock star, anti-corporate, this quartet formed to create something they call "introspection-damaged indie-violence.” The result is a sound that erupts in a startling explosion, inspired by the motley crew of the Cure, AFI, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Pretty Girls Make Graves — to name a few — and these all culminate to create a highly aggressive blend of punk, hardcore and metal. Kilbourne’s politics gravitate towards environmentalism, human rights, and anti-capitalism, and though they are careful not to take themselves too seriously, these issues are prominent in their lyrics. If anything, it seems that Kilbourne aren’t looking to be known for much beyond a rock band — not another all-girl band, not a band that fit into a subscribed mindset — just a band that makes some really good, really loud music that conveys some intelligence. If they keep making music this good, there’s no reason why they should be seen as anything but. (No List)