Kilbourne Fashion Police Brutality

Fashion Police Brutality is Kilbourne’s follow-up EP to their full-length masterpiece Measure of Health, and there’s no question that this Calgary act have returned with more layers of aggression and complexities this time around. With Dan Bronson having been added into the equation, Kilbourne’s sound has become even more angular, elaborate and involved since bringing in another guitar player. The result is that same spasmodic whirl that erupted in a thousand jagged fragments, but now with more razor-sharp edges that slice through each frenetic moment, turning the whole thing into a sadistic little package that glistens and heaves under a thousand beads of sweat. Each song here is an impossibly intense explosion, a marriage of the roughest and yet most intricate details. The momentum here is furious and full of Kilbourne’s usual attitude and intelligence, which both ooze through every scream and crash on Fashion. The songwriting is impressive as ever, with breakneck drums, hammering bass lines, vocals that could kill, and that dangerous pair of guitars. (No List)