Kila Tóg é Go Bog é

If Kila is an example of the new Ireland, their music offers ample cause for celebration. This is a killer Celtic album precisely because it projects a refreshing sense of revivalism and new tribalism. The vigour of contemporary Gaelic performances like "On Taobh Tuathail Amach,” "Tóg é Go Bog é” and the a cappella "Bí Ann” and "Leanaidh Mé” are not historical fossils but fresh evidence of a vital tradition. Kila’s music is not insular but connects powerfully with Europe. That’s evident in "Rusty Nails,” where bouzouki and violin merge Greek and Jewish influences until the band erupts into up-tempo Celtic mode with a power that is majestic and undeniable. If fresh directions in authentic roots music interest you, Kila is highly recommended. (Green Linnet)