Kidz in the Hall Land Of Make Believe

For all their talk of separating their true personal progression in the music biz from that of their puffed chest personae, much of that is pushed to the periphery on the Kidz In The Hall's third release, Land Of Make Believe. Strip away this intended attempt at greater meaning, however, and you're left with all that a solid rap record should be: namely infectious, shoulder relaxing beats and catchy, serviceable rhymes that stick in the mind with repeated revolutions. Wordsmith Naledge offers up slick, cocky lyricism pockmarked with momentary hints of hooky cleverness, his swagger-filled flow forever in sync with the free-grazing digital moods laid out by partner Double O, the true star of this show. The producer's smooth, club focused mix of tough 808-style rhythms and incredibly musical, synth-rich grooves ― exemplified in cuts like "Fresh Academy" and funky '80s tune "LOVE" ― offer an impressive amount intricacy on a record that, while overly sugary at times, is rich in sonic detail. (Duck Down)