Kidstreet Announce Full-Length Debut, Premiere "Birthday Boy" Video

Kidstreet Announce Full-Length Debut, Premiere "Birthday Boy" Video
While earlier this year, electro-minded indie outfit Kidstreet offered up a handful of giddy, '90s club-geared tunes via the X EP, it turns out the band have way more in store for us in 2011. The Waterloo, ON trio have just announced their full-length debut, Fuh Yeah.

While the grooves collected on Fuh Yeah will get you moving, this isn't just a "typical dance band record," says the press release. The ten-song set promises to hone in on a number of areas of club culture, from the "icy dance beats" of the previously released "X," to the "percussive club banger" "Never Coming Back," to the "mellower, almost trip-hop grooves" of "Out Loud." The record is said to be a "synthesis of beats, moods, tempos and surprises."

Speaking of the new album, the band's Karl Snyder said in a statement, "I start with something simple. Actually, I credit LEGO. I put things together and the song starts to form itself."

You can check out the video for dance floor-approved first single "Birthday Boy" below. The clip was conceived by Kidstreeters Karl and Cliff Snyder and director Angus McLellan, and was shot from the perspective of a pint glass at a party.

"A friend of ours took rein of the glass and had his way with it," Karl said of the shoot. "Dancing, barfing, naked games of Twister, climbing onto rooftops…all the typical things any one glass might witness at a party."

Fuh Yeah comes out September 27 courtesy of Nettwerk. A tour is expected to be announced sometime soon.

Fuh Yeah:

1.  "X"
2.  "Birthday Boy"
3.  "Penny Candy"
4.  "Out Loud"
5.  "Fuh Yeah"
6.  "Nineteen Ninety Three"
7.  "Song"
8.  "The Future Is A Fever"
9.  "Never Coming Back"
10. "X" (Rampue Remix)