The Kids / Brutal Knights / White Wires Garrison, Toronto ON December 10

The Kids / Brutal Knights / White Wires Garrison, Toronto ON December 10
Reunion tours can be touchy, especially in the ideological shark waters of punk rock. But the day the Sex Pistols signed up for "Filthy Lucre" nearly 15 years ago (with the wild-eyed John Lydon happily fleecing his fans), all bets were off.

Frankly, if it feels good, do it, and Antwerp, Belgium's the Kids seem to be following that philosophy. Relatively unknown outside of their homeland, and back at it for about half a decade, the Kids are the premier spirit of a '77 punk band from the wee land of waffles. Their amazing self-titled debut stands tall alongside the other classics of the era, and their subsequent '70s records are full of hot anthems and shoulda-been hits.

For their first Toronto show, the Kids pulled out all the stops, playing a jam-packed set of their catchiest tracks, from the lost power pop anthem "Do You Wanna Know" to "Fascist Cops," one of the finest protest songs ever written. The Kids may be well into their 50s (and did look endearingly goofy in their formerly mothballed punk gear), but they zipped through their remarkable catalogue with aplomb. School was in session and the Kids had taken over.

Opening were hardcore stalwarts Brutal Knights and Ottawa's White Wires. The BKs were playing their last Toronto show ever, not straying from their trademark speedy, journeyman gunk-punk formula. Fists were pumped, bottles were smashed and crowds were surfed in tribute. They will be missed.

White Wires put on one of their tightest sets to date, seemingly rejuvenated after some time off to focus on their new sophomore record on Dirtnap. Frontman Ian Manhire's always contagious enthusiasm managed to get the crowd riled up, and their short but sweet set was a nice aperitif for the fun to come.