Kidd Jordan Palm of Soul

Kidd Jordan, with some 50 years of caustic tenor sax service under his belt, busts out a new album on Aum Fidelity with frequent collaborators William Parker and Hamid Drake. As with many of Aum Fidelity’s newer releases, this is marked by exotic instrumentation of Parker and Drake providing a foundation for Jordan’s fractured avant-soul. After a briefly boppy intro, the shimmering "Forever” is a lovely moody excursion into warm gong sounds and Jordan’s questioning tenor playing. He’s in more familiar territory in the narco-bop of "Living Peace,” which Parker gooses with some stuttering double-clutch bass fills; it all breaks down into some mad scrapin’ and wailin’ by the end of the piece. "Unity Call” and "So Often” are highlights — a two part throw down on guimbri and frame drum with Drake’s calming vocals and Jordan’s testifying. The disc’s flights into novel instrumental territory end off with Drake’s tabla playing underpinning "Resolution.” I got a little tired of the solo/exotic instruments dynamic; there were times I wish that Jordan would up and grab a manzello or a chennai or something to match Parker and Drake at their own game. Nevertheless, track by track, there is a lot to enjoy here. (Aum Fidelity)