Kid Sniper Landlocked

Earnest, genuine rock music brought to the listener straight from the beer gut. Kid Sniper is Jonathan Bunce (vocals and guitar), Paul Boddum (synthesiser), Alex Durlak (bass) and Dean Wales (drums). Landlocked offers instrumental and vocal rock tunes with a cover of "Moonshake” by prog rock legends Can. There are also guest contributions from Picastro members Liz Hysen and Rachael McBride, who play violin and cello, respectively. Landlocked opens up with growling bass lines and squelching noise from a synthesiser that in turn wails away, followed by drums and guitar; taking off the album like a rickety tour van through the Trans-Canada highway. This tour goes from the prairies of pensive playing to the steep, intense rocking out of the Rockies with plenty of stopovers at bars and doughnut shops to refuel before the next stretch. Sticking to the topics they know best, such as love ("Timepiece”) and angst ("Warm Interglacial”), Bunce expresses it succinctly, "Let’s clean the beer out of the fridge, let’s build a bar beneath the bridge.” (High School Champion)