Kid Koala's Slew to Get Official Album Release

Kid Koala's Slew to Get Official Album Release
If you missed out on the recent tour by the Slew - Kid Koala's new project with Wolfmother's former rhythm section - you may be pleased to know that the band will be giving their "brash, loud" psych-rock sounds an official album release. It's been announced that the Slew's debut LP 100% will be heading our way this fall, packing the band's live drums, bass, keys and six turntables into one convenient take-home package.

The record was given away online before the tour and was available at shows in limited quantities, but will now get a proper, wide release courtesy of Ninja Tune on November 24. According to the press release, more shows and new material may emerge from the Slew at some point, but for now, we're just pleased that 100% is getting the treatment it deserves.

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1. "100%"
2. "It's All Over"
3. "Problem Child"
4. "You Turn Me Cold"
5. "Wrong Side Of The Tracks"
6. "Robbing Banks (Doin' Time)"
7. "The Grinder"
8. "Shackled Soul"
9. "Southeast Soliloquy"
10. "Battle Of Heaven & Hell"