Kid Koala Reveals Space Cadet Album/Book

Kid Koala Reveals <i>Space Cadet</i> Album/Book
Canadian turntablism export Kid Koala (aka Eric San) has been a little distracted recently with his collaborative project the Slew. After dropping 100% last year, he has revealed plans to work with Mike Patton and Jon Spencer on the next Slew record. Rather than ditch his forward-thinking solo work all together, however, San has revealed that he will be releasing a Kid Koala effort in the spring.

 The Kid Koala project is called Space Cadet, and it covers everything from the concept of space travel to his recent foray into fatherhood. In a recent interview with Spinner, San called Space Cadet "the quietest thing I've ever done," adding, "the music is very lullaby-like, mostly recorded on acoustic keyboards with turntable woodwinds and turntable strings. It's a complete anti-dance floor, anti-rock out kind of thing."

On top of the musical aspect, Space Cadet will include a full comic book drawn by San. Earlier this year, San posted an image of the book's pages on his site. That image is available here.

When it does finally drop, Space Cadet will be followed by an equally unique tour concept. "I'll do the show on headphones," San explained. "Everyone will have a set of headphones, and we're bringing in these inflatable pods that seat about 35 people per pod so everyone will have their own spaceship with all their friends. We're gonna do this 'quiet time' concert for them."

Space Cadet does not have an official release date, but San says we can expect the album around February 2011.