Kid Koala Brings 'Nufonia Must Fall' Graphic Novel to the Stage

Kid Koala Brings 'Nufonia Must Fall' Graphic Novel to the Stage
Perpetually busy turntable experimentalist Kid Koala released his Nufonia Must Fall graphic novel back in 2003, but he's now treated it to an ambitious multimedia live show.

A press release explains that Nufonia Must Fall LIVE is "equal parts cinema, theatre, and musical concert," and sees the graphic novel brought to live via miniature sets and puppets.

Directed by production designer KK Barrett (Her, Where the Wild Things Are, Being John Malkovich), the story is reenacted live via puppets. That performance is filmed and projected on a large screen.

Meanwhile, Kid Koala will offer up the score with accompaniment from the Afiara Quartet. The show will have a preview in Banff on May 31. Then, it will takeover Toronto's TIFF Bell Lightbox from June 7 to 9 as part of the Luminato Festival.

As previously reported, the show will also be opened by a screening of the National Film Board's 3D short Minotaur, which was animated by Munro Ferguson and features a new score from Kid Koala.

"Seeing Munro's film inspired me to think three dimensionally in terms of music," Kid Koala said in a statement. "Scoring an abstract 3D film was unlike any other score work I had done before. When I looked closely, the music was already there in the drawings. Munro's imagery moved, floated and pulsed in deliberate tempos and emotions. All I had to do was try to match it on the piano."

Tour dates:

05/31 Banff, AB - Eric Harvie Theatre
06/07-09 Toronto, ON - TIFF Bell Lightbox (Luminato Festival)