Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall

At a modest 16 minutes, the accompanying soundtrack to Nufonia Must Fall, Kid Koala’s recently released graphic novel, is rather disproportionate to its whopping 340-page companion. Featuring a melancholy mix of languid piano, orchestral samples, and expressive scratching, the ten minimalist compositions nonetheless perfectly mirror the beautifully rendered black-and-white depictions of the unlikely romance between a robot and an office girl named Malorie. Also surprising is the conspicuous absence of breaks or drums whatsoever. While it’s by no means as ground-breaking or virtuosic as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the soundtrack is a nice bonus that offers a closer look at the romantic and musical facets of everyone’s favourite fun-loving, fuzzy-haired turntablist. Besides, when was the last time Marvel gave you a free CD with one of their comics? (Independent)