Kid Koala 12 Bit Blues

Kid Koala12 Bit Blues
This is the sixth studio album for the legendary Ninja Tune by Kid Koala (aka Montrealer Eric San). Created using the fabled E-Mu SP1200 ― the holy grail of hip-hop samplers ― 12 Bit Blues has a weathered feel to it, with Koala's trademark cuts and scratches taking a backseat to pitch-shifted vocal snippets and muscular instrumental breaks culled from a range of early blues records. Like its subject matter, the tracks on 12-Bit Blues are stripped down to their bare bones ― it's quite a departure from Koala's usual frenetic production style. A hip-hop blues record is an interesting concept and in Koala's nimble hands, a unique listening experience. The blues are curiously underrepresented in hip-hop, especially considering most producers' preoccupation with mining the past for inspiration. But, thankfully, Kid Koala isn't most producers. For those quick on the draw, there is a limited edition version that comes packaged with a hand-operated DIY cardboard turntable and flexi disk for those craving that genuine authentic experience. (Ninja Tune)