Kid 606 Pretty Girls Make Raves

As prolific as he is, it’s extremely difficult to get tired of Miguel Depedro’s work if you’re a fan — basically because he won’t let you. He obviously knows that if he’s going to keep up this ambitious routine of frequently following up releases, he’d better not get too comfortable with one sound. Last year’s Resilience found him at his most personal, using his mum as inspiration, while exploring new terrains through dancehall, dub and pop music. The comically named Pretty Girls Make Raves is yet another venture into the latest niche he finds worthy of trying his hand at. For 40 of its 45 minutes, the eighth proper Kid606 album turns up the adrenaline to make his contribution to the booming Baltimore Club scene. Proving how devoted he is to his work, Depedro even lists his bpms on the back sleeve to show he’s right on the mark with the sub-genre’s 130 bpm average. Of course, as he’s shown us time after time, Kid606 is a master of genre hopping and his contribution is certainly a worthy one. The 8/4 beats add a hyperactive commotion on, really, the entire album, save the more electro-flavoured "Comeuppance” and the finale, "Oakland Highsiding,” which despite its differences in pace, makes for an ideal send-off. Make no mistake, this is Depedro’s club record and one that is certain to get the dance floor bumpin’ as well as keep his ever morphing legacy alive and healthy. (Tigerbeat6)