Kiasmos Thrown

Neo-classical veteran Ólafur Arnalds teams up with Janus Rasmussen (of Icelandic electronic-pop quartet Bloodgroup) as Kiasmos on their debut EP, Thrown. Both musicians channel dance floor-friendly techno on the EP — a different sound compared to their respective past work. The title track exhibits Arnalds' keen ear for powerful melody, painting the sonic canvas in string-laden atmospheres, which is complemented by a stuttering lead synth that provides the harmonic sub-theme for the remaining clicks and bell tones of the track. The result is a beautifully emotive number tinged with more overtly electronic sounds compared to Arnalds' solo work. While "Thrown" is the more emotionally moving original on the EP, "Wrecked" sees the duo delving into more aggressive techno while remaining equally attentive to melodic details. The growling synth stabs of "Wrecked" ride under an arpeggiating synth line, which periodically releases into full-blown dance floor techno. Thrown is a refreshing release from two musicians with great melodic sensibilities, accompanied by remixes from electronic veterans FaltyDL and 65daysofstatic. Kiasmos's debut full-length is expected early next year. (Erased Tapes)