Khanate Capture and Release

Momentary bursts of punishing, down-tuned crunch, shrieking feedback and lurching, unpredictable rhythms wrap their ugly, calloused hands around the listener’s throat. There will be no compromise, no hooks, and certainly not a second of breathing room. Khanate’s third release is not for everyone, and fans of guitar player Steve O’Malley’s other prominent project, Sunn O))), may find this material a bit too busy and suffocating. Capture and Release is a monolithically heavy, all-out-assault on the senses that occasionally approaches the un-listenable due to the unfathomable abrasion and unpredictability of the songwriting. Containing two compositions, one of which pushes the 25- minute mark, it also unabashedly tests the listener’s patience, although that is pretty much the point. The album leaves one disoriented, depressed, and strangely enough, craving another listen, which is where the brilliance of Khanate’s music lies. By writing songs that are essentially auditory sadism, O’Malley and company question the very foundation of what we consider art, and spit in the face of the lines between musicality and noise. Highly recommended for fans of the band’s previous work and for the adventurous listener unafraid of probing their own tastes and sensibilities from the inside out. (Hydra Head)