Kevin Yost Road Less Traveled

Kevin Yost is a rare form of artist in the house music scene. Unlike most producers, the man plays keyboards like a jazz musician, and with the bare essentials for gear, he creates tracks with a feel both dreamy and dramatic. His talents are well represented on Road Less Traveled, but they don't seem to have progressed much from the '99 debut, One Starry Night. Signature vibe sounds, momentous crescendos and textured grooves are all in effect, and while the will certainly sound beautiful for the first time listener, they cease to cast their old spells on the long-time fan. There's some visceral energy in the drum-breaks on "5 Alive," the disco percussion of "7th Heaven" and "Conquistadors," but then the tempos of "Intentions" and "In Walked Mr. Cool" slow the disc down. Perhaps it's just these tracks are old, or that Yost has settled into a particular set of aesthetic choices, but either way, he's definitely in need of some vigour. (Distance)