Kevin Spacey Forces Cassettes Won't Listen to Change Album Name

Kevin Spacey Forces Cassettes Won't Listen to Change Album Name
While sample-based electronic popster Jason Drake (aka Cassettes Won't Listen) has thrilled many since starting up, he knows of at least one dude who doesn't give his project the thumbs-up: actor Kevin Spacey. The artist has been gearing up for the release of his upcoming album, KEVINSPACEY, for a while, but a last-minute cease and desist order from the award-winning actor has forced Drake to retitle his record.

A press release explains that Cassettes Won't Listen has rebranded his new set of tunes EVINSPACEY. Apparently dropping that first letter legally gets Drake out of hot water. "Same great taste, different name," the statement reads.

This isn't the first time the artist has been served a cease and desist. Back in 2008, Drake released his Ludacris Democracy mashup, which blended some Ludacris raps with Guns N' Roses' then-unreleased Chinese Democracy. The tunes were forcibly removed from the web. For the record, we loved it.

EVINSPACEY is set to drop June 21 on Daylight Curfew. You can pre-order the set as a download, CD or get it bundled with a T-shirt here. Also, you can download sunny synth pop number "Perfect Day" here.


1. "Friendly Float"

2. "Perfect Day"

3. "The Echoes"

4. "Kingdom"

5. "The Night Shines"

6. "Stuck"

7. "Turn Back The Other Way"

8. "Harp Darkness"

9. "Wave To The Winners"

10. "Pick Me Out"

11. "Runtime"

12. "Waiting"