Kevin Shields Talks New My Bloody Valentine Album

Kevin Shields Talks New My Bloody Valentine Album
The saga of My Bloody Valentine continues. Though the legendary/innovative/beloved Irish shoegaze pioneers finally delivered on one promise, making their long-awaited live return last year, the disappointment of those much hyped reissues and possible new albums still loom. Once again, main man Kevin Shields is toying with our emotions..

Speaking with the Dallas Observer, Shields shed some light on new music, giving actual details on what to expect, but not when to actually expect it. The Observer writes: The bulk of its 11 tracks were recorded in 1996, along with one track from 1993 and one new recording of a song he wrote during that time period but never got around to playing. The band tried to finish recording it at the beginning of the year but, as one would expect from the chronically tardy band, did not. They'll try again in June and July and hope to track it up by the end of the year, he says. They might play some of the 13- to 16-year-old "new" songs on the upcoming U.S. tour, depending on how they sound in rehearsals. The new songs are more melodic but less poppy, he says, with more elongated chord progressions - seven or eight chords per verse, as opposed to the three- or four-chord verses of their early '90s material. "It's a bit more expansive, I suppose," he says.

Currently, Shields says the band's "expansive" sound is one influenced by American folk and blues. "That style of folk-blues music, I would say is weirdly enough like Loveless. That style of songwriting, where you have the verses and then the instrumental breaks. I suppose, if I were to say there's any kind of music in the world that feels really natural to me, it's that kind. Not just folk-blues but folk music in general."

Shields also dropped a hint that there will be some major changes occurring for the band once the summer is over. "After the end of August, we'll have a radical change," he says, adding that he means "everything. Lineup, we might expand a bit. In that respect, we'll add another member to the group, just to do more stuff. And sound-wise, absolutely. You know, it'll be... Taking a different approach."

My Bloody Valentine return to North America this weekend for some U.S. dates, the first being Sunday night at Coachella. From there they'll move on to Austin, Dallas, Denver and finally Seattle. A return trip to Jersey City, NJ for the All Points West Festival is also set for August 1.