Kevin Saunderson / Kenny Larkin / CMD / Adam Feingold / Drol.

Espace Reunion, Montreal QC, February 28

Kevin Saunderson / Kenny Larkin / CMD / Adam Feingold / Drol.Espace Reunion, Montreal QC, February 28
Photo: Josiah Hughes
It was the evening of Nuit Blanche, meaning the streets were flooded with wasted parents and beer-swilling youths from early in the evening. Like they did last year, the RBMA teamed up with MUTEK to co-present a truly epic party. Rather than make it another spectacle in the centre of the action, however, tonight's festivities took place in Mile End.

After all, when you've got access to a true techno innovator like Kevin Saunderson on board, it only makes sense to throw a warehouse party. The Detroit legend shared the stage with fellow cityman and legend Kenny Larkin for an evening of gut-punching bass and pounding beats.

First, however, there was a lead-up of near seamless performances from rising artists that included locals CMD (a.k.a. Corina MacDonald, pictured), Adam Feingold and Drol., each of whom delivered their own stunning and diverse takes on the genre.

Wussy music writers need their rest, so it wasn't possible to make it through the end. Ostensibly, however, the night closed out with a 4 a.m. set from Kevin McPhee, a participant in this year's Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp. The same event will host a lecture from Kevin Saunderson on Sunday afternoon (March 1). It'll be interesting to see who's more hungover.
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