Kevin Myles Wilson

When Our Train Comes

Kevin Myles WilsonWhen Our Train Comes
Kevin Myles Wilson's new EP, When Our Train Comes, is a solid, if at times a tad predictable, piece of Canadiana. It's a follow-up to the sentimental and somewhat brooding EP Businessman and his sophomore EP release, The Little Things, and while all three releases share similar subject matter, his third set of four-track recordings eschews the blue melancholy of his first two to focus on the silver linings of his personal relationships.
Wilson has crafted the best kind of pub songs: there's levity in the lyrics, friendliness in the delivery and an intuitive understanding, even on first listen, of what direction the songs are going in. The sound is familiar and the tropes are recognizable, such as comparing lives and loves to locomotives: "My heart is a freight train," he sings on "My Heart." Using figures of speech helps articulate Wilson's common man point of view, and his sense of humour shines through on "You Say Lonely (Like It's a Bad Thing)," in which he addresses a recently heartbroken friend about the benefits of being single (Spoiler: extra bed space, time with friends and time to waste doing what you like). On "My Heart," he cleverly combines shuffling snare, rolling guitar and vocal hooting to create a musical train sound that reinforces the railroad theme that runs throughout the album.
Wilson has developed a sound that combines the positive attributes of many heartland and folk musicians, repurposing them for his use. Yet, he will need to develop a more distinct sound in order to resonate more with audiences. This album is a step in the right direction but there is still work to be done. It will be interesting to see what he does with a full-length release. (inDiscover Recordings / Orange Lounge Recording Company)
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