Kevin Johnson/David Holder HIStory EP

This double A-side single features two different, housed-up interpretations of Mutabaruka's classic dub-poem "Columbus Ghost." The boldly-toned, first-person polemic reminds the listener of the events in HIStory — the genocide of the Arawaks, the hatred perpetuated against people of colour, and an acknowledgement to the Moor who was Columbus' chief navigator. Re-titling the poem, "Columbus Confessions," David Holder takes the lyrics into warrior mode, with a fierce Afro-Brazilian, tribal-house groove. Kevin Johnson's version is much more lush, with oceanic sounds and a light, Latin guitar refrain to fuel the dance floor into less feverish, but much more lighter state. The HIStory EP also features an untitled, uncredited electro-disco track with a sweet, pulsing bass line that sounds just as positive. (DNH)