Kevin Drew "Good Sex" (Beatology Remix)

Kevin Drew "Good Sex" (Beatology Remix)
David Newfeld produced some of Broken Social Scene's classic works (including 2002's You Forgot It in People), and now he's remixed band member's Kevin Drew's new solo single "Good Sex."

In Newfeld's hands, the song sounds a bit like it could have been made by Broken Social Scene, since he gives it an urgent drum pulse and an organic-sounding swirl of strings and acoustic strums. In other words, this isn't your average synth-driven remix, although it does get it significantly crazier and more electronic-sounding at points in the second half.

Listen below [via Brooklyn Vegan].

Drew's album Darlings is due out on March 18 through Arts & Crafts.

Read a Q&A with Drew here.