Keston and Westdal One Day to Save All Life

Make way for organic electronic. At least that’s what Unearthed Music is calling the tunes from the artists on its roster. That includes Minnesota-based Keston and Westdal, the latest group to join the green scene, with the packaging for their newest disc, One Day to Save All Life, being made from 100 percent recycled material. Electric piano and a steady supply of fresh bass are the main components that bring the album together, the third release from Keston and Westdal (some may know the duo from a breakthrough performance at the 2004 Montreal Jazz Festival). With UK native Keston covering keys and Westdal bass, One Day to Save All Life is a solid instrumental down-tempo album. It definitely has a Boards of Canada feel to it, basking in an atmospheric, almost cinematic tone. Keston and Westdal do away with repetitive, overdone loops and instead bring back a little jazz influence on tracks like "Electric Sheep,” while experimenting with funky percussion on "Six Weeks.” (Unearthed)