Kerri Powers You, Me, And A Redhead

Kerri Powers’ You, Me, And A Redhead is a weak debut, with one exception — Powers’ penned all the songs on this release, all of which are wordy and rudimentary (from "Self Made Man,” "you love the smell of money/you’re a bloodhound with a briefcase”). She uses all the conventions but without the wisdom, as in "F-150,” "I love this old truck more than I love my man.” In her press release, Powers says it all: "Telling an honest story and not being afraid to put myself on the line is what this business of writing songs is all about.” She’s correct; she shouldn’t be about the "business” but the art. Creating a great record is more than stringing a few of the right words together, giving them to a handful of session musicians and hitting the record button, which is what You, Me And A Redhead is all about. Bottom line for Kerri Powers, it’s all about you, me and a lucrative record contract. Pigeonhole this debut in the remainder bin. (Independent)