Kepler Fuck Fight Fail

Kepler immediately invokes parallels to the beautiful sadness behind Mogwai's EP, the slow pace of any music written by Low or the mellow love songs of Mojave 3. Fuck Fight Fail, a three-year project, is a minimalist affair of guitar, drums and bass with tender, soft-spoken vocals that really do melt your heart. Formed in 1997, Kepler makes music that really catches your attention and at times can catch you with your guard down. The wonderfully named "Upper Canada Fight Song" is over nine minutes of music designed for some light pillow talk, where "The Changing Light at Sandover" is pure Slint, with its intense quiet-to-loud jam session. The only disappointment with this record is how quickly it ends. With only eight songs clocking in at just under 40 minutes, the journey Kepler takes you on comes to an unexpected ending. (Troubleman)