Kendrick Lamar Sued over "Rigamortis"

Kendrick Lamar Sued over 'Rigamortis'
Photo: Ellie Pritts
Kendrick Lamar's 2011 mixtape Section.80 received rave reviews and put the Compton, CA rapper on the map before good kid, m.A.A.d. city turned him into an internationally acclaimed superstar. Three years later, jazz musicians Willie Jones III and Eric Reed want a cut of Lamar's success.

The jazz musicians are suing Lamar for ripping off their 2010 song "The Thorn" on Section.80 cut "Rigamortis" — claiming that he stole the song and merely laid his own lyrics on top, according to TMZ.

Jones and Reed also assert that despite "Rigamortis" making Lamar into a star, they never received any credit or monetary compensation. They are suing for $1 million plus all profits from "Rigamortis," as well as rights to Lamar's track.

While claiming that "Rigamortis" is the song that blew up Lamar's career is certainly debatable, the similarity between the songs is pretty undeniable. Give both a listen below.