Kendrick Lamar Shares Artwork and Title for New Album

Kendrick Lamar Shares Artwork and Title for New Album
Slowly but surely, rapper Kendrick Lamar has been leaking details about his highly anticipated new album. While it doesn't have a title just yet, the performer recently shared the album's artwork.

The image, available above, depicts a group of young men posted up outside the White House, holding thick stacks of cash and bottles of liquor. On the bottom left, there's a judge with his eyes crossed out, as if he's passed away.

Lamar shared the image on his Instagram page, and included the following caption:

"Don't all dogs go to heaven? Don't Gangsta's boogie? Do owl shit stank? Lions, Tigers & Bears. But TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY. Its the American dream nigga...." - lil Homie.

The all caps have led some to believe that the album might be called To Pimp a Butterfly, though the album's title has yet to be confirmed.

UPDATE: According to Rolling Stone, the album is indeed called To Pimp a Butterfly.

As previously reported, we do know that the album will be available on March 23.