Kendrick Lamar Live on 'Colbert Report'

Kendrick Lamar Live on 'Colbert Report'
As Stephen Colbert closes out his Colbert Report, he roped in one hell of a great musical guest with Kendrick Lamar. For proof, you need to do nothing more than watch Kendrick's stellar performance on the program below.

After a brief sit-down interview that was filled with laughs, Lamar took the mic to debut a new song from his mysterious upcoming album. So far, the track is just untitled, but it made one hell of an impression. Playing up some spaced-out jazz vibes, it slowly builds from spoken word contemplation to a full-on emotive slab of hybridizing hip-hop brilliance, with Lamar striking a serious nerve as his vocals get angrier and more roughed-up than ever. Also, it didn't hurt that he got Thundercat on bass, Terrance Martin on sax and vocalist Bilal, among others, to back him up.

You can revisit the performance below, as well as watch Lamar's interview with Colbert. Plus you can grab just the audio of the performance.

Thanks to Mr. World Premiere/Miss Info for the hook-up.

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